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Audio Work

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Meet the people behind our built world. Built is created in collaboration with the leading providers of title insurance and transaction services to the commercial real estate industry. Hosted by Brian Maughan, Chief Innovation & Marketing Officer, Fidelity National Financial.

Role: Associate Producer, May 2024-Present

Season 5 Trailer
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Live from the kitchen … it’s The Plate Show! The Plate Show is a comedy podcast for kids and their families about cultures around the world and the foods that are important to them. Join Spoonie, everyone’s favorite talking spoon, and her BFF sidekick, Tongs, as they put on a show from their very own kitchen to learn about – and taste – amazing food from around the world!

Role: Tape Editor, September-December 2023

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The Firestarter Podcast, with Willa Kammerer, is about people, ideas, and conversations that move us forward. We’ll talk to mission-driven entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and investors; thought leaders, researchers, and experts on the front lines of the world’s most pressing issues about designing and thriving in careers — and lives — of impact.

Role: Audio Editor, April 2021-April 2024

Season 1 Trailer
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The Greenroom is an initiative for curious and conversational podcast listeners and producers.

Each session we invite a producer to share a piece of work in advance, then join us for a casual conversation about their process, practice and ideas. Think book club, for podcast fans.

Role: Producer and Audio Editor, April 2021- March 2022

Episode 3
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The Joy of Why is a biweekly podcast from Quanta Magazine and PRX, exploring some of the great scientific and mathematical questions of our time. Hosted by Steven Strogatz and Janna Levin.

Role: Associate Producer, August 2023-Present

Season 3 Trailer
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In Between Black & White, we invite perspectives on race from immigrant communities across the United States. In season 1, we’re beginning in the hot, crowded, glittering city of Miami. It’s Miami’s undeniable betweenness, its irrepressible otherness, that make it the perfect place to return to our all too familiar American conflicts over things like immigration, equity, and race. Hosted by Jaswinder Bolina.

Role: Associate Producer, April-September 2023

Episode 1
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In these captivating, compelling, sometimes tragic, yet always uplifting tales of humanity from the borderlands, host Sarah Towle, author of Crossing the Line: Finding America in the Borderlands, spotlights the extraordinary efforts of ordinary heroes to tear down the walls that divide us.

Role: Producer and Audio Editor, October 2020-December 2023

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The Dig was created by Julie Strong, an intuitive coach who works with her clients in private one on one sessions to address and transform their subconscious belief patterns using a simple questioning, her own intuition and the technique of ThetaHealing®. This is an energetic approach to healing and is not considered a replacement for professional medical advice and care.

Role: Producer and Audio Editor, December 2019-September 2020

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Flower Collage

Personal Projects


"Blackstones" was my final project at Salt. In the mid-1980’s there were at least nine gay and lesbian bars in Portland, Maine. Now, there’s only one. So where did they all go? (May, 2020)

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My final project at NYU was to create a teaser for a series idea that I had. This was 2018, the height of the MeToo Movement, so I created "The Talk": a podcast about sex and consent. (July 2018)

The TalkTW: SA
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